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Your Body, Your Workout Meal Plan

Don’t follow meal plans made for others; know what your body really needs.

Let's book time to discuss your meal plan!

Everything You Need to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

You are what you eat. If you want to make a change, you should know what you are and how to eat.

Enjoy meal plans that are easily measured by 1/2 cups and tailored to your personal body type.

The Bod Pod Plan

  1. Take The Bod Pod Test
  2. Get Your Results
  3. Learn By Fitness Consultation
  4. Review Individualized Meal Plan
  5. Eat Good Food
  6. Lose Weight

I want to help you hit your goals and make the transformation as easy as possible. For $149, you will get the Bod Pod test and your tailored meal plan. You'll receive copies of your test and meal plan to crush your goals!

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Shred & Maintenance Meal Plans


Get ready for weight loss as you shred off the pounds on this version of your meal plan. Fuel your body with the foods that focus on your fitness transformation goals.


Nothing says body pride like the maintenance plan. To maintain your body in the shape you worked to achieve, you'll follow this meal plan.


If you need us to cook the food for you we also have that service available. Let us know that you're interested in a food prep program at your appointment. The only thing we can't do is eat it for you!

Meal Plan


Technology used by the pros is now at your fingertips. In less than 3 minutes, Bod Pod accurately measures your lean body mass, body fat and resting metabolic rate to the nearest 0.001 pounds.

More about the Bod Pod

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