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The best way to truly achieve your fitness goals is to fully understand your body. No two people are the same and not every workout plan, diet or fitness strategy works for different individuals. In order to maximize your gains and take your body to another level, you first need to gain an understanding of how your body is constructed to target specific areas. By gathering the unique information from your body, that knowledge can help you most effectively build a fitness regimen and workout meal plan to reach your goals and mold a healthier body.

At Top Fitness Pod in Nottingham, Maryland, we allow everyday people access to a state-of-the-art technology in body composition testing — the Bod Pod. Once reserved for elite athletes, bodybuilders and college athletic facilities, now you too can gain the valuable, detailed information about your body in order to maximize your gains and reach your fitness goals efficiently and effectively. The Bod Pod earned its reputation as the Gold Standard body composition testing for a reason. At Top Fitness Pod, we not only provide you access to the Bod Pod, but work with you to understand what the results mean and how to translate them into functional practices, both for working out and supportive dietary habits!

Unique Body Composition Information

The Bod Pod measures your body’s composition with extreme accuracy, revealing telling information such as your body mass, volume, density, body fat percentage and fat-free mass, among others. All this information cannot be obtained with a body composition test and is tremendously valuable to creating a fitness plan best-suited for you body’s needs.

Eliminate Assumptions

For so long, people were left to stick with cookie-cutter workout plans based on generic information or misleading online calculators providing you with inaccurate ideas about your body’s composition. This leads people to eat too little or too much, target areas that are not effective and dragging out the process of seeing tangible results. The Bod Pod eliminates assumptions and replaces them with hard facts completely unique to your body and its needs.

Track Your Progress

As you begin to workout and eat healthier, you start seeing results. But exactly how much are you gaining and could you do better? The Bod Pod is great for establishing a baseline for your new day one, but that does not have to be your day 30, 60 or 90. Continue to measure your body with the Bod Pod to accurately track your progress and further tailor your overall fitness plan to remain highly effective and efficient.

Maximize Your Gains

An incredibly influential but often overlooked aspect of your fitness regimen is the impact of what you are putting into your body. Not all food is created equal and not every diet works most effectively for each person. Top Fitness Pod helps you interpret the results from the Bod Pod in order to form a customized workout meal plan with clear goals. Together, your body composition test results and tailored meal plan boost your gains to their max potential and can be constantly tracked and adapted over time as your body sees significant progress.

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