W. Edwards Deming famously said, “what gets measured gets done.” While his assessment of human productivity and its effect on industrial manufacturing is insightful, we believe it can be improved upon. If what gets measured gets done, then it is critical that we ensure we’re using the proper measurement for our goals. So, we would sharpen Mr. Deming’s advice to say, “what gets properly measured gets done correctly.” At Top Fitness Pod we believe the proper measurement is the key to success. Our results provide our customers with the data needed to achieve their fitness goals. We help performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts maximize their results by quickly and accurately measuring the lean muscle, body fat and resting metabolic rate. These results help our customer’s “level-up” their understanding of their own personal fitness progress, with the opportunity for baseline and ongoing evaluations to provide them with the data needed to work toward achieving their goals. Measure. Set goals. Build an effective plan. Stay consistent. Remeasure to check your progress. Crush your goals. We are here to help you through the process. Book your Bod Pod appointment today at https://TopFitnessPod.com