Today I used a free online body fat calculator that derived my body fat percentage from my height, waist and neck measurements (performed in inches). To my surprise the results showed my body fat being 16%! That’s amazing… only I’m not 16% body fat, I’m 26.6%. Okay, I didn’t want to share that number but I did. Like many others am a busy guy… I work a fulltime job with over an hour commute, run a small business in my “free time”, manage a rental property when I’m “not working” and I am a proud husband and dog father… but enough with the excuses. If I want my body fat to change I need to first understand my unique body composition and then stick to my macros (caloric breakdown) if I want to change. Back to my point; this body fat calculator was just off by 10%! This is a huge mistake and when it comes to calculating the amount of energy my body needs and will likely lead me to eating a surplus of calories causing me to gain more weight! Ugh!

Before I discovered the Bod Pod I would just Google: best body fat scale, best way to measure body fat, and even fat percentage calculator only to come up with completely inaccurate results that set me back months in my diet and exercise plan. So why is the Bod Pod the best option for calculating body fat? The Bod Pod is widely considered the gold standard for body composition testing; it is a registered medical device that uses air displacement technology to produce fast, accurate and repeatable results. These qualities are the reason a large organization like the NFL has chosen the Bod Pod as their sole resource for measuring body composition at the NFL Combine since 2005. Let’s dig into the questions I know are lingering:

  • The cost for a single test in our current market ranges from $50 – $110. I charge $50
  • The length of the full consultation is 30 minutes but you’re only in the pod for 2-3 minutes total
  • The Bod Pod has a 1% margin of error and is re-calibrated before every test to ensure accuracy
  • Still have questions… check out our FAQ page for more information

At Top Fitness Pod we take pride providing fast, safe and accurate test results but our primary objective is to create a comfortable environment for our clients. I know first-hand that testing your body fat can be embarrassing; you may feel like you’re at your lowest point and you don’t want anyone to see that. I get it. But losing a few pounds before you test 1) doesn’t mean the weight you lose will be mainly fat and 2) doesn’t ensure that you’re creating a sustainable lifestyle for the new fitter you. Bod pod testing is about investing in your health and wellness, getting a baseline reading, setting goals and following up to measure your progress. If you are interested in starting your weight loss journey, if you are looking to add lean mass without a bunch of extra weight gain or you just need to check your body fat to get a pulse on your health, look no further. We’re here to serve your needs and provide the support needed to crush your goals.

Still on the fence? Our partners are here to help. By being located inside of emPOWERed Fitness ( we have a long list of resources at your disposal. We have personal trainers, bootcamps, personalize meal plans through True Meal Prep and countless coaches to provide support. That’s not all, if you want something different check out our Boxing or Grit classes. Month over month we have continued to deliver life changing transformations. As we like to say we’re not selling a workout, we’re selling results and by Bod Pod testing you can measure and validate your hard work.

Interested in learning more? Give us a like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TopFitnessPod and book your Bod Pod appointment at today or just stop by* emPOWERed Fitness to check us out and make your next step in your fitness journey a big one.

* Due to demand appointments are required for Bod Pod testing


Phil Parrow, Founder of Top Fitness Pod