Located at 8019 Belair Rd in Nottingham, Top Fitness Pod partners with Empowered Fitness and True Meal Prep and we take pride in working with our clients to deliver mind blowing results. Let me say that again, MIND BLOWING RESULTS.


Why are we different? We aren’t selling anything other than results. The cost you pay is simply that needed to secure the best resources available. We are a world class facility with cutting edge technology and equipment that is used by the pros. Anything and everything you need to be the fittest version of you…


We’re one of the only gyms in Maryland that offers the Bod Pod; a medical device used for body composition testing. The Bod Pod is an extremely accurate method of measuring your body fat and enables our fitness professionals to perform a breakdown of the macronutrients (macros) needed to help transform your body. Other gyms in the area offer lesser electronic methods that can provide misleading results that can derail your progress and cause you to lose your hard-earned muscle. We invested in the Bod Pod because it is the Gold Standard, used by the Mayo Clinic, NFL, NHL and Universities across the globe to measure one’s body composition. We don’t settle for less at Top Fitness Pod at Empowered and we don’t expect you to either.


When you partner with us you’re also getting access to a diverse team of fitness experts at Empowered that understand that challenges of being fit. Our ‘magic pill’ is our environment; surrounding you with the best technology, knowledge and support to reduce the time needed to hit your goals… and you’ll have fun doing it! The Empowered trainers will push your body to the limits with everything from Olympic style lifts, barre, dance, abs class, boxing, kickboxing and our NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED Les Mills Grit program that is leaving our clients SHREDDED.


You want more? We’ve got more. Trainers at Empowered have developed a fitness app that is changing the game in online training (App Trainer). Don’t have time to meet up with a trainer? This app puts the trainer in your pocket so you can hit the necessary exercises to achieve the results you’re looking for.


What else? How about the delicious meals prepared by our chef at True Meal Prep. These meals are in high demand and while we have some available for ‘grab and go’ while you’re at the gym, we encourage our members to pre-order their meals for the week because they go fast! Pre-ordering with True Meal Prep takes the stress and worry out of eating. We know you’re busy, but don’t settle for fast food even if they slap a ‘healthy’ label on it. Allow us to serve you with a quality meal that is going to feed your muscles and help you shorten the time needed to crush your goals.


So what’s stopping you? Embarrassed about letting yourself go? Not yourself after an injury or maybe you just delivered another child and need to bounce back? Our team WANTS to help you from day 1… it’s what we live for. We have spent endless resources acquiring only the top tools and support systems to help you transform.


It’s time. It’s time for you to stop being sold by those late-night infomercials for DVDs and Tupperware that just collecting dust in your house and to take your first real step and learn about what your body needs today in a private consultation with our fitness experts.


Take the first step. Book a body composition test at www.topfitnesspod.com today for $50, establish new baseline and get the push you need to move forward. We aren’t claiming to be the best, we are the best and we’re here to make you into your best. Stop settling and start transforming.