Some situations in your daily life are the reasons why you’re not losing weight. You have your fitness goals set, you have a meal plan that helps you control your calorie intake, and you exercise regularly. You probably think you’re all set, but some environmental triggers can still keep you from losing your excess fat.

Your Emotions

Is your job making you feel stressed? Is there something in your relationships that’s bothering you? Are you worried about your current financial status?

Sometimes stress can lead you to eat more without you even realizing it.

So, be mindful about your feelings and stress levels. When something is stressing you out, do some light exercise. Exercise helps your brain produce more endorphins, the hormones that promote a positive feeling. They’re your body’s natural analgesic.

Boredom and Loneliness

A few minutes in front of the TV watching romantic dramas can make you feel bored or lonely. Maybe it’s become a habit that you haven’t noticed how, after 30 minutes into Orange Is the New Black, you find yourself opening your Uber Eats app.

Again, exercise is your best shield against this trigger. Go out and take a walk or grab your bike. Alternatively, you can play some upbeat music or do some household chores. Just get moving once you feel boredom setting in.

Also, fill your pantry with foods that can help with hormonal balance. Read this article to find out how a diet for losing weight can also balance your hormones and make you feel happy.

Lack of Sleep

Do you crave for donuts or cappuccino whenever you feel tired and sleepy? Everybody falls for this trap sometimes, but if you’re frequently doing this, you need to find a way to stop this.

The first solution is to get enough sleep. If you’re getting inadequate sleep, your body will produce more ghrelin, a hormone that promotes appetite. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, and you need to stay up late. If this happens and you feel sluggish the next day, have a short stroll or do some light exercise to make you feel alert.


Parties are the Achilles heel of those trying to lose weight. Many party foods and drinks such as soda, margaritas, and deep-fried buffalo wings are unhealthy.

You can’t stop birthdays, weddings, and other kinds of celebrations from happening. So, if parties make you overeat, just like many of us, prepare yourself before you set foot at the venue.

Eat your regular meal. If you’re following a meal plan for losing weight, stick to it. Skipping breakfast because you’re heading to a birthday brunch is a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t overestimate your self-control. It’s hard to resist those sugar-laden goodies if you’re hungry.

You don’t have to keep yourself from enjoying your favorite food. If you go to the party on a full stomach, a small slice of cheesecake will be enough to make you happy.

You live in a world teeming with reasons why you’re not losing weight. Even your body is built in a way that makes weight loss a challenge. Finding out what triggers you to eat unhealthy food is an effective way to keep yourself from losing sight of your fitness goals.