In this fitness workout review, we’ll find out how TRX suspension training can help you reach your fitness goals.

Over the past decade, TRX suspension training has grown popular. The idea started in 1997 when Randy Hetrick, a Navy SEAL, improvised a tool to help his squadron train wherever they are. He used a Jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing and found that it worked!

Hetrick began selling the earliest version of TRX Suspension Trainer in San Francisco in 2001. By 2009, more than a million people in more than sixty countries are using TRX products. The TRX Academy, introduced in 2015, trains fitness professionals so they can incorporate TRX Suspension Training into their practice.

The most recent addition to their arsenal, however, is the app that provides a selection of exercise videos. The app also works as a fitness tracker.

TRX Suspension Trainer aims to improve strength, balance, core stability, and flexibility. It is used as a cross-training tool by professional athletes, Olympians, the military, and mixed martial artists.

TRX may be lesser known than many fitness workout modalities, but it has a growing user base, perhaps due to the various research that report its effectiveness.

Fitness Workout Review: TRX for Core Strengthening

A study evaluated the efficacy of TRX suspension training on the core strength and stability of young female synchronized swimmers.

Those who did suspension training twice a week in addition to their routine training showed better core strength and stability compared to those who did their usual exercises without TRX.

TRX Suspension Training for Cardiorespiratory, Muscular, and Flexibility Fitness

Research suggests that cardiorespiratory fitness can help you live longer. The sad thing is, about 14% of US adults and one-third of adolescents have poor cardiorespiratory fitness. It’s something that should be addressed since poor cardiorespiratory fitness is linked to high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which are known as cardiovascular disease risk factors.

TRX Suspension Training also showed significant improvement in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and waist circumference in men and women who did a 60-minute TRX Suspension training thrice a week for eight weeks. If you’re looking to improve your body fat percentage, TRX suspension training also seems like a good training program, according to the same study.

TRX Suspension Training for Improved Gait Speed and Quality of Life in Older Adults

Adults aged 60 years or more experienced signs of improved gait speed, grip strength, and thus, better life quality after following a HIIT TRX Suspension Training program for 12 weeks.

It is, therefore, safe to say that TRX Suspension Training could be an effective way to improve the overall health of the elderly.

It’s been a widespread belief that resistance training is effective at helping improve and maintain fitness and health, but most people don’t have the time, space, and the right equipment. TRX Suspension Training solves all these problems. With just one equipment, you can do your exercises whenever and wherever. Based on various fitness workout review done by researchers, TRX can be used in almost every kind of training program. It can help improve basic strength, mobility, and improve body fat percentage.