If you want to lose your body fat faster, following one of the best morning fitness routines listed in this article. You can burn up to 20% more of your excess body fat if you exercise before you eat breakfast, according to a study by Northumbria University. Also, morning exercise can help improve your brain health.

So, here are some exercise ideas that you can do before breakfast to loosen your muscles and get your brain active for the day’s work.


Pick yoga poses that are designed to help you have the energy you need for the day. Sun salutations are the most basic yoga pose that’ll improve your blood flow. It can also increase your flexibility by mobilizing your joints.

What’s more? Yoga can relieve stress, and you can do it for 20 minutes.


When you don’t need to go early to work, try to squeeze a sunrise hike. If there’s no popular hiking trail nearby, a brisk morning walk is enough to do wonders to your fitness goals.

When you do, make sure to put your phone on silent mode and make this your chance to get away from stress.

Your circadian rhythm relies on light exposure. Exposing yourself to the fresh morning sun signals your brain to turn off melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. It’s a great way to make yourself feel awake even before your morning java.

Gym Workouts

Go to your favorite gym early in the morning. Not only will it let you enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier, but it also makes sure you don’t miss your workout even if your day turns out busy. Additionally, the gym would likely be quiet, so many of the machines would be free for you to use.

If it’s a struggle to wake up early enough for the gym, join a morning group exercise class, so you feel accountable and stick to your schedule. Yes, we’re talking about peer pressure here.

Mobility Routines

Start your day with a mobility routine. Stretching in the morning can help loosen your tight muscles.

Use resistance bands to improve your flexibility, strength, and mobility in one workout.

Mobility routines are great for those who spend the whole day at an office. Sitting in front of a computer most of the day can overstretch your back and tightens your chest muscles, leading to bad posture.

Using a resistance band when doing glute bridges, squats, and crab walks can help reduce aches and pains, raise your energy, and improve your blood flow.

Lose Body Fat with the Best Morning Fitness Routines

After finding out your body fat percentage through a Bod Pod test in Maryland, go ahead and try these morning fitness routines. It can be a struggle to wake up earlier than you used to, but the benefits of morning exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

A quick 20-minute workout in the morning can help you burn about a hundred calories, depending on the kind of exercise you choose. If you do it every day, then by Saturday you’d already have burned 700 calories or so.