Understand Your Body Like A Pro

At Top Fitness Pod, our goal is to help you better understand your body in order to accurately build a workout plan, which you can execute to fully achieve your fitness goals. The Bod Pod is a body composition test used by professional athletes, bodybuilders and universities. Now that technology is at your fingertips. Time to make your ideal fitness a reality!

Quick, Safe, Accurate

Your body and health are extremely personal subjects and at Top Fitness Pod, we completely understand. Our mission is not only to provide you the body composition test results you need, but also to ensure your comfort and understanding of the process.

We greet every client and go over expectations before presenting a waiver for you to sign and discussing the overall process. Your body fat is measured in two or three 45-second tests, taking less than 3 minutes total, after entering basic information into the computer system. Results are printed and reviewed with tailored feedback during a free consultation in order to build a unique fitness plan based on your body and goals!

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The fantastic thing about the Bod Pod is just because the pros use the technology, doesn’t mean you have to be an elite athlete or fitness guru to benefit from the body composition test data. Maybe you simply want to better understand your body fat in order to eat healthier or are seeking solutions to get your weight back under control.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight for a fat loss challenge at work, want to look at your best for beach season or are an athlete looking to improve their performance, Top Fitness Pod can supply you the tools you need for success and all for only $50. So contact us today to schedule an appointment and obtain the information you need about your body to achieve your fitness goals!