1.  Diet for Losing Weight and Feeling Happy

    If you want to adopt a diet for losing weight and managing your mood, you need to think of hormonal balance. Your hormones are the messengers that tell your organs what to do. In short, they’re critical to your body’s proper function. Hormones for Health and Well-being ·       Insulin I b…Read More

  2. Where to Find a Bod Pod Near Me?

    Where to find a Bod Pod near me? If you’re in Maryland and you’re asking this question, you’re in luck because a Bod Pod is available nearby. The Bod Pod itself is a piece of expensive, ultramodern equipment for measuring body composition. However, a Bod Pod test in Maryland won’t cost you m…Read More

  3. Weight Loss Tools: Bod Pod Test and a Simple Meal Plan

    There are tons of weight loss tools available today, from mobile apps to armbands. But why is obesity still a massive problem in America today? Many fad diets and workout regimens have come and go, yet there are still people struggling to keep a healthy weight. How to Maintain a Healthy Weight, Acco…Read More

  4. A Few Simple Rules for Accelerating Fat Loss

    Author Tim Ferriss wrote The 4 Hour Body back in 2010 based on years of research, testing and an abundance of data. Since I've loved this book since it the shelf nearly a decade ago, I wanted to take a minute to share some of Tim's rules for shredding fat. Are there other methods, yes. Are these the…Read More