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How much does a Bod Pod test cost?

The Bod Pod body composition test costs $50. This includes the Bod Pod body composition test, a printout of your results, tracking of your results over time so that you can measure your progress and a free macro breakdown to help you achieve your goals.

Where is Top Fitness Pod located?

Top Fitness Pod is located inside of emPOWERed Fitness at 8019 Belair Rd, Suite 1, Nottingham MD, 21236. Contact us today to learn more!

How accurate is the Bod Pod?

The Bod Pod is calibrated before every body composition test to have an error margin of less than 1%!

How long will the Bod Pod test take?

You will be in the Bod Pod for approximately 2 minutes, with the entire body composition test taking just five minutes!

What happens after the body composition test?

You receive a printout that includes a consultation explaining your lean body mass, body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate. We can then also custom-build a workout meal plan to help you most effectively achieve your goals.

What should I do with the body composition test data?

Whether you have been working out for 10 years or 10 minutes, this Bod Pod body composition test data will serve as the new starting point to map your progression. Each time you test with Top Fitness Pod, you will see your data and results graphed out to display your progress.

What if I need additional help with planning my workouts and diet plan?

Top Fitness Pod is partnering with a number of gyms, trainers and nutritionists, so if you need a referral, just ask and we would be happy to provide one!

How often should I take a body composition test?

Elite athletes should test every 6-8 weeks to ensure they maintain their peak physical performance. All others should consult with their trainer or doctor and consider taking a body composition test at least once a year to track your progress and continue to tailor your plan.

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The Bod Pod is unquestionably the Gold Standard body composition test. Learn more about the Bod Pod from COSMED USA and contact Top Fitness Pod in Nottingham, MD today!

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