One of the most neglected activities by those that face challenges with weight management is counting calories. The truth is that even if you’re making healthy choices that include nutrient dense low fat foods you can still gain weight… sounds crazy? Let me explain.

Your body burns a certain amount of calories based on your body composition and your level of activity for the day. As your body composition changes so will the amount of calories burned. If you are at a calorie deficit then you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning on a given day and if sustained over time this activity will result in weight loss. If you are at a calorie surplus then you are consuming more calories than you are burning and if sustained would result in weight gain. Keep in mind that one meal whether healthy or unhealthy will not change your body composition; making change to your body in either direction is about consistency.

I know there are tons of questions out there… How many calories do I burn? How to I accurately measure my body composition? Where do I start?! Here are my recommended steps for you whether you’ve been working out for years or are just getting started:

Schedule a Bod Pod Test at to obtain your body composition this with give you the hard data you need to get started.

Complete a macro breakdown of your caloric intake with a weight loss specialist (this is available for FREE with any Bod Pod test through Top Fitness Pod at emPOWERed).

Download a calories tracking app… which one?! My preference is free, so I recommended My Fitness Pal however there are a number of apps available so feel free to search around if one may suit you better.

Track your progress through the app – remember that results don’t happen overnight!

Schedule a follow up Bod Pod appointment to track your progress.

So why do I need a Bod Pod test? Why don’t I just get an estimate of my numbers with a calculator online or rely on the numbers generated by the app I download? Great questions. The short answer is that these estimates are not unique to you and could be off by several hundred calories. So what’s a few hundred calories matter? Well, under-eating or starving yourself will result in your body naturally slowing down your metabolism meaning you won’t burn as many calories as you should and you could stall your progress. Conversely overeating will result in you gaining weight whether you are making healthy choices or not. From my experience I have seen many frustrated people just like you with questions as to why they aren’t seeing changes. The answer is easy, let us help you drive.

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