1. A Few Simple Rules for Accelerating Fat Loss

    Author Tim Ferriss wrote The 4 Hour Body back in 2010 based on years of research, testing and an abundance of data. Since I've loved this book since it the shelf nearly a decade ago, I wanted to take a minute to share some of Tim's rules for shredding fat. Are there other methods, yes. Are these the…Read More

  2. Measuring your body fat % with BIA?

    The internet is flooded with Bioelectrical Impedance Accurate (BIA) scales.  Let me explain what you’re getting before you click that order button…   BIA is one of the fastest most simple methods of predicting body fat, the only issue is that convenience comes at the price of one very impo…Read More

  3. Lose Body Fat and Keep It Off with Five Easy Steps

    At Top Fitness Pod of Nottingham, MD (located inside Empowered Fitness, less than 10 minutes from White Marsh Mall) there is nothing that we love more than transformations. Our mission is to accurately measure your body composition so that we can provide you with the needed guidance to achieve your …Read More

  4. You’re not Alone on your Fitness Journey

    Located at 8019 Belair Rd in Nottingham, Top Fitness Pod partners with Empowered Fitness and True Meal Prep and we take pride in working with our clients to deliver mind blowing results. Let me say that again, MIND BLOWING RESULTS.   Why are we different? We aren’t selling anything other than…Read More

  5. Bod Pod Basics: Most Accurate Body Fat Measurement

    There’s no question that nothing can replace or replicate the advantages of reaching your fitness goals like good old-fashioned hard work, but people often forget just how powerful information and knowledge are to actually obtaining results you’re seeking. This is where the Bod Pod comes in! Onc…Read More

  6. Body Fat Calculator

    Today I used a free online body fat calculator that derived my body fat percentage from my height, waist and neck measurements (performed in inches). To my surprise the results showed my body fat being 16%! That’s amazing… only I’m not 16% body fat, I’m 26.6%. Okay, I didn’t want to share …Read More

  7. Measurement is Key

    W. Edwards Deming famously said, "what gets measured gets done." While his assessment of human productivity and its effect on industrial manufacturing is insightful, we believe it can be improved upon. If what gets measured gets done, then it is critical that we ensure we're using the proper measure…Read More

  8. Ditch the Scale

    While standing on my bathroom scale it finally occurred to me; I've been to the state of Florida at least a half of a dozen times in my life and never once did I take the train. Trains are a pleasant experience and they've improved significantly since they were invented but in the end, I can fly fro…Read More

  9. Counting Calories and How the Bod Pod Can Help

    One of the most neglected activities by those that face challenges with weight management is counting calories. The truth is that even if you’re making healthy choices that include nutrient dense low fat foods you can still gain weight… sounds crazy? Let me explain. Your body burns a certain amo…Read More