At Top Fitness Pod of Nottingham, MD (located inside Empowered Fitness, less than 10 minutes from White Marsh Mall) there is nothing that we love more than transformations. Our mission is to accurately measure your body composition so that we can provide you with the needed guidance to achieve your fitness goals. Our results are proven day in and day out through our scheduled check-ins where clients are constantly shredding body fat and adding lean muscle.

Are you ready to transform your body composition? Follow these six simple steps and within weeks your transformation will be the talk of the town.


Step 1. Measure Your Body Composition

Notice I didn’t say step on the scale. Even the most updated scales do not provide you with enough information to accurately measure your body, create a plan and track your progress. Body composition testing is quiet sweeping the nation being leveraged now for medical research, weight loss planning, and improving athletic performance.

How can you test your body composition and why is it a vital piece of your plan? At Top Fitness Pod we use a Bod Pod to measure body composition; a medical device that is considered the gold standard for measuring lean body mass % (muscle), body fat %, and resting metabolic rate (RMR). Having this information allows you to measure your true progress as when people are looking to transform they are looking to lose body fat, not just weight. This data also allows our fitness professionals at Top Fitness Pod to review the macronutrients (macros) your body needs to achieve your goals; spelling out the amount of carbs, fat and protein that your body needs… and no carbs are not the enemy.

Review the pretesting guidelines and book your appointment online at for a body composition test and macro breakdown.


Step 2. Measure Your Calorie Intake

Most people that “diet” do not eat nearly enough. You heard that right! Nutrient dense food is not always calorie dense (i.e. grilled chicken and vegetables) and eating too few calories or being at too large of a calorie deficit will slow your metabolism, so not only will you be hungry but you will be burning fat at a much slower rate. So what do you do? By using the macro breakdown provided by Top Fitness Pod you will want to eat the suggested calorie count in order to reach your goals.

If you need more help a full fitness consultation can be scheduled so that you can meet with one of our health coaches to discuss the specific foods that you should eat and they will work in your favorite foods so that your diet is sustainable… even tacos!

Still need help?! Top Fitness Pod partners with True Meal Prep, only the best meal prep company in Maryland and their chef will prepare custom meals for you! How easy is that!


Step 3. Introduce Exercise

For most clients we will introduce plans that are as simple as taking a 40 minute walk. Now you may have other obligations in your schedule that won’t allow for you to step away for a full 40 minutes, so we will suggest you break your walk up throughout the day (suggested that you walk at least 20 minutes for best results).

Why walking? Steady state cardio is an extremely effect method for shredding fat. In fact there is a saying “you’re a 40 minute walk away from a six pack.” While the calories burned during a walk are less than what is burned on a run, the energy your body uses will target your stored fat cells.


Step 4. Make Exercise Fun!

In order for any workout plan to be sustainable over a long period of time it should be enjoyable. If you’re unsure how to have fun during your workout while still be effective, check out some of the classes offered by Empowered Fitness. Empowered has hired experts in their fields to drive results through Lift classes, Abs, Zumba, Barre, Grit, Boxing, Kickboxing and more!


Step 5. Create Momentum and Be Accountable

One of the best ways to create momentum and establish a sense of urgency to drive accountability is to set a deadline or milestone date from day one. While we don’t want you to stop at your “deadline date” we do want you to push yourself towards that date to help keep you engaged in your plan.

Why is it important to book your follow up test so early? There are a few reasons. It’s important that you have milestones to measure your progress, so that you can discuss your challenges and continue to break threw any plateaus that you experience. We believe that there are no limits (within reason of course) only plateaus and with our help anything is possible.

It’s time for your transformation. Take the first step by booking a body composition test at